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Biases in Coronavirus reporting

Remember when the World Health Organization (WHO) was saying that a 2% mortality rate was probably overstated because not all the cases of the virus had been reported? It turns out that the mortality rate is at least 3%. That level was reached 2/22/20 and has been growing on a daily basis. Why? Because people who are infected don't typically die instantly, so there are more unfortunate victims that will expire in the coming days.

I am willing to wager that Iran is understating its infection statistics. As of 2/22 they have reported 4 deaths but only 18 infections. On 2/20 they had two infections and two deaths. Their mortality rate is unreasonably high, unless they are murdering the infected as a method of disease control. I don't believe that is the case. I believe they are not reporting all the infections they have and are trying to avoid panic. That strategy might work for a day or two more if that is the case.

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